Methodology of Deception

Shahzavar Karimzadi

Research output: Book/ReportBook


One malaise that has blighted our time is the protraction of the relics of medieval colonial theocratic states. Two of such constructions are the states of Iran and Pakistan. Neither designates signifies a real nation. Both titles were invented with intent in mid 1930s at the height of the scourge of fascism in Europe. Iran means ‘the land of Aryans’ and ‘Pakistan’ the land of the 'clean' nation! These two connotations are carefully chosen to disguise Persian and Punjabi Muslims colonial domination.
Persian rulers occupied western Balochistan in 1928 and the Punjabi army occupied eastern Balochistan in 1948. This book is an attempt to dismantle the building blocks and examine the subsequent ramifications of these states on their subjugated nations.
The book offers an in-depth and systematic exposition of prevailing deceptive methodology of research that takes these states for granted. A methodology that places territorial integrity on these artificial states and seeks to validate unfounded ideas, that all that is in power is right. Any research that is restricted to this preconceived supposition would invariably approve the hegemony of these colonial constructions and this actually conceals the facts. The overriding precondition for conducting any rational and objective research on these geopolitical structures, therefore, must be in the first instance to acknowledge the colonial makeup of these states. By its very nature a subjugated nation cannot be free; democratic, peaceful and thriving unless it breaks free from the existing bondage.
Methodology of Deception is an invaluable contribution to methodology of research on stateless nations and development studies.
Original languageEnglish
Place of PublicationLondon
PublisherHumgaam Press
Number of pages307
ISBN (Print)978-0993207914
Publication statusPublished - 13 Nov 2015


  • Colonialism, Scientific Research Methods, Stateless Nations, Truth and Knowledge and Economic Development


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