Musical Creativity: Insights from Music Education Research

Oscar Odena (Editor)

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This text poses lots of questions and their possible solutions, such as how is creativity in music developed? How can collaboration and improvisation cultivate this? As well as, how it may act as a therapy tool. The text utilises the expertise available in the field to explore these issues in the music therapy and psychology. It goes on to embrace the diversity of how individuals of any age may use musical creativity. The contributors of the text identify how musical creativity is grown in a formal setting, using the practice of primary and secondary schools, studio, and university settings, and lead on to more specialist music schools and music therapy sessions. The chapters in this text will encourage readers to think more widely about the possibilities for musical creativity. Contributors include Margaret Barrett, Leslie Bunt, Pam Burnard, Sara Carvalho, Su-Ching Hsieh, Gabriel Rusinek, Frederick Seddon, Jose Soares, Ana Veloso, Peter Webster and Graham Welch.
Original languageEnglish
PublisherAshgate Publishing
Number of pages244
ISBN (Print)1409406229, 978-1409406228
Publication statusPublished - 2012

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NameSEMPRE Studies in the Psychology of Music


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