Neutron capture cross sections for the Re/Os clock

M. Mosconi, A. Mengoni, M. Heil, F. Kappeler, G. Aerts, R. Terlizzi, U. Abbondanno, H. Alvarez, F. Alvarez-Velarde, S. Andriamojie, J. Andrzejewski, R. Assimakopoulos, L. Audouin, G. Badurek, P. Baumann, F. Becvar, J. Benlliure, E. Berthoumieux, F. Calvino, D. Cano-OttR. Capote, A.C. de Albornoz, R. Cennini, E. Chiaveri, N. Colonna, G. Cortes, D. Cortina, A. Couture, J. Cox, S. David, R. Dolfini, C. Domingo-Pardo, W. Dridi, R.B. Duran, M. Embid-Segura, L. Ferrant, A. Ferrari, L. Fitzpatrick, R. Ferreira-Marques, H. Frais-Kolbl, K. Fujii, W. Furman, C. Guerrero, I. F. Goncalves, R. Gallino, E. Gonzalez-Romero, A. Goverdovski, F. Gramegna, E. Griesmayer, F. Gunsing, B. Haas, R. Haight, A. Herrera-Martinez, M. Igashira, S. Isaev, E. Jericha, Y. Kadi, D. Karamanis, D. Karadimos, M. Kerveno, V. Ketlerov, R. Koehler, V. Konovalov, E. Kossionides, M. Krticka, C. Lamboudis, H. Leeb, A. Lindote, I. Lopes, M. Lozano, S. Lukic, J. Marganiec, L. Marques, S. Martone, R. Mastinu, R. Milazzo, C. Moreau, F. Neves, H. Oberhummer, S. O'Brien, M. Oshima, J. Pancin, C. Papachristodoulou, C. Papadopoulos, C. Paradela, N. Patronis, A. Pavlik, R. Pavlopoulos, L. Perrot, R. Plag, A. Plompen, A. Plukis, A. Poch, C. Pretel, J. Quesada, T. Rauscher, R. Reifarth, M. Rosetti, C. Rubbia, G. Rudolf, R. Rullhusen, J. Salgado, L. Sarchiapone, C. Stephan, G. Tagliente, J. L. Tain, L. Tassan-Got, L. Tavora, G. Vannini, R. Vaz, A. Ventura, D. Villamarin, M. C. Vincente, V. Vlachoudis, R. Vlastou, F. Voss, H. Wendle, Michael Wiescher, K. Wisshak

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The radioactive decay of (187)Re -> (187)Os (t(1/2) = 43 Gyr) is suited for dating the onset of heavy-element nucleosynthesis. The radiogenic contribution to the (187)Os abundance is the difference between the natural abundance and the corresponding s-process component. This component can be obtained via the well-established sigma N systematics using the neighboring s-only isotope (186)Os, provided the neutron-capture cross sections of both isotopes are known with sufficient accuracy. We report on a new set of experiments performed with a C(6)D(6) detector array at the n_TOF neutron spallation facility of CERN. The capture cross sections of (186)Os, (187)Os, and (188)Os have been measured in the neutron-energy range between 1 eV and 1 MeV, and Maxwellian-averaged cross sections were deduced for the relevant thermal energies from kT = 5 keV to 100 keV.

Original languageEnglish
Title of host publicationInt Conf on Nuclear Data for Science and Technology, Parts 1 and 2
EditorsR.C. Haight, M.B. Chadwick, T. Kawano, P. Talou
PublisherAmerican Institute of Physics (AIP)
Number of pages4
ISBN (Print)0-7354-0254-X
Publication statusPublished - 2005
EventInternational Conference on Nuclear Data for Science and Technology - Santa Fe
Duration: 26 Sept 20041 Oct 2004

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NameAIP Conf Procs
ISSN (Print)0094-243X


ConferenceInternational Conference on Nuclear Data for Science and Technology
CitySanta Fe


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