Neutron measurements for advanced nuclear systems: The n_TOF project at CERN

N. Colonna, S. Andriamonje, J. Andrzejewski, L. Audouin, M. Barbagallo, V. Becares, F. Becvar, F. Belloni, B. Berthier, E. Berthoumieux, M. Brugger, M. Calviani, F. Calvino, D. Cano-Ott, C. Carrapico, P. Cennini, F. Cerutti, E. Chiaveri, M. Chin, G. CortesM. A. Cortes-Giraldo, M. Diakaki, I. Dillmann, C. Domingo-Pardo, I. Duran, M. Fernandez-Ordonez, A. Ferrari, K. Fraval, S. Ganesan, I. Giomataris, G. Giubrone, M. B. Gomez-Hornillos, I. F. Goncalves, E. Gonzalez-Romero, F. Gramegna, C. Guerrero, F. Gunsing, S. Harrisopulos, M. Heil, K. Ioannides, E. Jericha, Y. Kadi, F. Kaeppeler, D. Karadimos, M. Krticka, E. Lebbos, C. Lederer, H. Leeb, R. Losito, T. Rauscher, N Tof Collaboration

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A few years ago, the neutron time-of-flight facility n_TOF was built at CERN to address some of the urgent needs of high-accuracy nuclear data for Accelerator Driven Systems and other advanced nuclear energy systems, as well as for nuclear astrophysics and fundamental nuclear physics. Thanks to the characteristics of the neutron beam, and to state-of-the-art detection and acquisition systems, high quality neutron cross-section data have been obtained for a variety of isotopes, many of which radioactive. Following an important upgrade of the spallation target and of the experimental area, a new measurement campaign has started last year. After a brief review of the most important results obtained so far at n_TOF, the new features of the facility are presented, together with the first results on the commissioning of the neutron beam. The plans for future measurements, in particular related to nuclear technology are finally discussed. (C) 2011 Elsevier By. All rights reserved.

Original languageEnglish
Pages (from-to)3251-3257
Number of pages7
JournalNuclear Instruments and Methods in Physics Research Section B: Beam Interactions with Materials and Atoms
Issue number24
Publication statusPublished - 15 Dec 2011
Event10th European Conference on Accelerators in Applied Research and Technology (ECAART) - Athens, Greece
Duration: 13 Sept 201017 Sept 2010


  • Spallation neutron source
  • Advanced nuclear reactors
  • Neutron-induced reactions
  • Neutron time-of-flight facility
  • CERN
  • Accelerator Driven Systems


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