Open West 2015: The Wilson, Cheltenham Art Gallery and Museum

Alison Dalwood (Artist)

Research output: Non-textual formExhibition


Painting TANSY, oil on canvase 168 x 137cm selected for this annual open submission exhibition for international artists. This year saw nearly 400 submissions, with the judging panel considering 1400 individual pieces of work. Of the 44 artists selected there is a good representation from the UK, and other countries in Europe, Canada and China
Work chosen by the selection panel makes political and personal statements, asks questions, entertains, tells stories and introduces alternative interpretations. Each year there is a sense of discovery, of establishing relationships with new artists and the aim of curating a cohesive, exciting exhibition that engages a local and national audience. the Open West’s strength lies in recognising the skills both of young emerging artists just starting to exhibit, as well as continuing to promote the careers of highly established artists. The exhibition is an unusual and successful format - it is a sensitively curated exhibition that enhances each individual selected work, as well as the space it is set in. Artists are encouraged to be involved in the local community, either by creating new and site specific work responding to the location, or by taking part in the annual education programme and artists talks.The show is at The Wilson, Cheltenham’s Art Gallery and Museum.
It is exciting to see the commonalities and differences which run through the work highlighting the variety of contexts that each artist operates in. This is an indication of how the art world has become truly international and emphasises how artists outside of the UK hold the open west in high regard as a showcase for cutting edge contemporary art. It is therefore very interesting to see the huge variety and depth of this exhibition and how the work is a reflection of the experiences each artist has of their locality
Original languageEnglish
Publication statusPublished - 16 May 2015


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