Paul Johnson - Teardrop Centre

Paul Johnson (Artist)

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British artist Paul Johnson’s (b.1972) work is anchored by an enquiry into the way objects and images can transition historically, mentally and physically when filtered through the hands of the artist. Gathering images and objects from diverse sources, he then creates small, labour-intensive sculptures, collages and large-scale installations that stimulate imaginary associations for the viewer to decode. Notions of the outsider, rituals and belief systems are often a point of intrigue in his work.Throughout history, the space in which art is made has long fascinated both creators and observers. For Johnson, the contemporary studio is a site of autonomy and production, yet also evokes a sense of uncertainty and anxiety. Examining this hermetic space as a universe in itself, Johnson dismantles his entire studio reconstructing fragments in Gallery 3, considering it as a sculptural object and visionary environment.Teardrop Centre sees Johnson return to Camden Arts Centre almost a decade after undertaking a residency in 2007. Paul Johnson (b.1972) lives and works in London. Johnson has exhibited at Focal Point Gallery, Southend (2015), Usher Gallery, The Collection Museum, Lincoln (2013-2014), The Nunnery, London (2011-12), Saatchi Gallery, London (2010), CAPC, Bordeaux (2010), Frieze Art Fair, London (2011), Armory Art Fair, New York (2010), Ancient & Modern, London (2009) and Mizuma Gallery, Tokyo (2008).
Original languageEnglish
PublisherCamden Arts Centre
Publication statusPublished - 7 Apr 2017


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