Proceedings of Abstracts 10th International Conference on Air Quality Science and Application

Ranjeet Sokhi (Editor), Vikas Singh (Editor), Joana Medeiros (Editor), Aidan Farrow (Editor), S. Finardi (Editor), Paola Radice (Editor)

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This 10th International Conference in Air Quality - Science and Application is being held in the elegant and vibrant city of Milan, Italy. Our local hosts are ARIANET and ARPA Lombardia both of whom play a leading role in assessing and managing air pollution in the area. The meeting builds upon the series that began at the University of Hertfordshire, UK in July 1996. Subsequent meetings have been held at the Technical University of Madrid, Spain (1999), Loutraki, Greece (2001), Charles University, Prague, Czech Republic (2003), Valencia, Spain (2005), Cyprus (2007), Istanbul, Turkey (2009) Athens, Greece (2012) and Garmisch-Partenkirchen, Germany (2014). Over the last two decades controls to limit air pollution have increased but the problem of poor air quality persists in all cities of the world. Consequently, the issue of the quality of air that we breathe remains at the forefront of societal concerns and continues to demand the attention of scientists and policy makers to reduce health impacts and to achieve sustainable development. Although urbanisation is growing in terms of population, transport, energy consumption and utilities, science has shown that impact from air pollution in cities is not restricted to local scales but depends on contributions from regional and global scales including interactions with climate change. Despite improvements in technology, users still demand robust management and assessment tools to formulate effective control policies and strategies for reducing the health impact of air pollution. The topics of papers presented at the conference reflect the diversity of scales, processes and interactions affecting air pollution and its impact on health and the environment. As usual, the conference is stimulating cross-fertilisation of ideas and cooperation between the different air pollution science and user communities. In particular, there is greater involvement of city, regional and global air pollution, climate change, users and health communities at the meeting. This international conference brings together scientists, users and policy makers from across the globe to discuss the latest scientific advances in our understanding of air pollution and its impacts on our health and environment. In addition to the scientific advances, the conference will also seek to highlight applications and developments in management strategies and assessment tools for policy and decision makers.

This volume presents a collection of abstracts of papers presented at the Conference. The main themes covered in the Conference include:
Air quality and impact on regional to global scales
Development/application/evaluation of air quality and related models
Environmental and health impact resulting from air pollution
Measurement of air pollutants and process studies
Source apportionment and emission models/inventories
Urban meteorology
Special session: Air quality impacts of the increasing use of biomass fuels
Special session: Air quality management for policy support and decisions
Special session: Air pollution meteorology from local to global scales
Special session: Climate change and human health
Special Session: Modelling and measuring non-exhaust emissions from traffic
Special session: Transport related air pollution - PM and its impact on cities and across Europe
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PublisherUniversity of Hertfordshire
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Publication statusPublished - 14 Mar 2016


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