Regular strength training and baseline fitness in overweight infantry members of Slovenian Armed Forces

Miha Vodičar, Bogdan Kovčan, P. Pori, J. Vodičar, J. Šimenko, D. Karpljuk, G. Marković, Vedran Hadzic

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Introduction The prevalence of overweight subjects in military cohorts increases despite the obligatory army physical fitness test (APFT) requirements and the negative consequences of possible test failure due to the increased body mass index (BMI). Studies that have examined the association of BMI with baseline fitness in the military are showing conflicting evidence. The primary aim of the study is to examine BMI effects on baseline fitness that was measured by APFT and additional functional performance tests (FT) (vertical countermovement jump with and without load, loaded prone plank, single-leg hamstring bridge test and pull-ups). Our secondary goal is to explore if regular strength training modifies the BMI effect on baseline fitness. Methods A cross-sectional study on a sample of 118 male infantry soldiers that have performed APFT and FT was carried out. Body mass and body height measurements were used to calculate BMI, and to categorise participants into BMI ranks. Two independent categorical variables (BMI rank and strength training) were used to evaluate their influence on dependent variables of physical performance acquired from APFT and FT. Results A significantly large size effect of BMI rank (F=1.69, p=0.037; effect size (ES)=0.15) and regular strength training (F=2.66, p=0.006; ES=0.21) on physical performance was found. It was shown that strength training had a medium ES on push-up and pull-up performance, as well as on the overall APFT score and loaded plank. Conclusions The importance of regular strength training and normal BMI for better overall baseline fitness in infantry members was highlighted. Most importantly, it was shown that performance is not affected in overweight soldiers who are performing regular strength training in addition to their daily physical training. Trial registration number NCT03415464

Original languageEnglish
Pages (from-to)141-145
Number of pages5
JournalBMJ Military Health
Issue number2
Publication statusPublished - 1 Apr 2022


  • occupational & industrial medicine
  • rehabilitation medicine
  • sports medicine


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