Resilient Misbehaviour Detection MAC Protocol (MD-MAC) for Distributed Wireless Networks

Chaminda Alocious, Hannan Xiao, B. Christianson

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Wireless network security requirements are becoming
more important and critical. The modern network security
architectures require more attention to provide security in each
network layer. This will require understanding of protocol vulnerabilities
in existing protocol architectures. However, providing
security requirements are not just limited to confidentiality and
integrity, also availability and fairness are important security
elements. IEEE 802.11 MAC protocol is one of the most common
standard in modern day networks and has been designed without
a consideration for providing security protection at MAC layer.
IEEE 802.11 assumes all the nodes in the network are cooperative.
However, nodes may purposefully misbehave in order to
obtain extra bandwidth, conserve resources and disrupt network
performance. This research proposes a Misbehaviour Detection MAC protocol (MD-MAC) to address the problematic scenarios of MAC layer misbehaviours, which takes a novel approach to detect misbehaviours in Mobile Adhoc Networks (MANETs). The MD-MAC modifies the CSMA/CA protocol message exchange
and uses verifiable backoff value generation mechanism with an incorporated trust model which is suitable for distributed networks. The MD-MAC protocol has been implemented and evaluated in ns2, simulation results suggest that the protocol is able to detect misbehaving wireless nodes in a distributed network
Original languageEnglish
Title of host publication2016 IEEE Wireless Communications and Networking Conference (IEEE WCNC)
PublisherInstitute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE)
Publication statusPublished - Apr 2016
EventIEEE Wireless Communications and Networking Conference - Doha, Qatar
Duration: 3 Apr 20166 Apr 2016


ConferenceIEEE Wireless Communications and Networking Conference
Abbreviated titleIEEE WCNC 2016
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