Resolving Fast Gas Transients with Metal Oxide Sensors

Damien Drix, Michael Schmuker

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Electronic olfaction can help detect and localize harmful gases and pollutants, but the turbulence of the natural environment presents a particular challenge: Odor encounters are intermittent, and an effective electronic nose must therefore be able to resolve short odor pulses. The slow responses of the widely used metal oxide (MOX) gas sensors complicate the task. Here, we combine high-resolution data acquisition with a processing method based on Kalman filtering and absolute-deadband sampling to extract fast onset events. We find that our system can resolve the onset time of odor encounters with enough precision for source direction estimation with a pair of MOX sensors in a stereo-osmic configuration.

Original languageEnglish
Pages (from-to)688-692
Number of pages5
JournalACS Sensors
Issue number3
Early online date1 Feb 2021
Publication statusPublished - 26 Mar 2021


  • Accelerated gas sensing
  • Event-based sampling
  • Kalman filter
  • Metal oxide sensors
  • Neuromorphic


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