SDSS IV MaNGA - sSFR profiles and the slow quenching of discs in green valley galaxies

Francesco Belfiore, Roberto Maiolino, Kevin Bundy, Karen Masters, Matthew Bershady, Grecco Oyarzun, Lihwai Lin, Mariana Cano-Diaz, David Wake, Ashley Spindler, Daniel Thomas, Joel R. Brownstein, Niv Drory, Renbin Yan

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We study radial profiles in H$\alpha$ equivalent width and specific star formation rate (sSFR) derived from spatially-resolved SDSS-IV MaNGA spectroscopy to gain insight on the physical mechanisms that suppress star formation and determine a galaxy's location in the SFR-$\rm M_\star$ diagram. Even within the star-forming `main sequence', the measured sSFR decreases with stellar mass, both in an integrated and spatially-resolved sense. Flat sSFR radial profiles are observed for $\rm log(M_\star/ M_\odot) < 10.5$, while star-forming galaxies of higher mass show a significant decrease in sSFR in the central regions, a likely consequence of both larger bulges and an inside-out growth history. Our primary focus is the green valley, constituted by galaxies lying below the star formation main sequence, but not fully passive. In the green valley we find sSFR profiles that are suppressed with respect to star-forming galaxies of the same mass at all galactocentric distances out to 2 effective radii. The responsible quenching mechanism therefore appears to affect the entire galaxy, not simply an expanding central region. The majority of green valley galaxies of $\rm log(M_\star/ M_\odot) > 10.0$ are classified spectroscopically as central low-ionisation emission-line regions (cLIERs). Despite displaying a higher central stellar mass concentration, the sSFR suppression observed in cLIER galaxies is not simply due to the larger mass of the bulge. Drawing a comparison sample of star forming galaxies with the same $\rm M_\star$ and $\rm \Sigma_{1~kpc}$ (the mass surface density within 1 kpc), we show that a high $\rm \Sigma_{1~kpc}$ is not a sufficient condition for determining central quiescence.
Original languageEnglish
JournalMonthly Notices of the Royal Astronomical Society
Publication statusPublished - 13 Oct 2017


  • astro-ph.GA


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