Show/tell : relationships between text, narrative and image

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In 2005 the theorising Visual Art and Design (tVAD) Research Group at the University of Hertfordshire hosted an international conference, Show/Tell: Relationships between Text, Narrative and Image <> to engage scholars from around the world in thinking and talking about this rich topic. The conference was a success – it identified a large number of researchers working on related themes, it brought many of those scholars together in Hertfordshire for the presentation of current research and discussion, it collected a body of excellent work and informed subsequent scholarship in the field. For example, ‘Oral Histories and Design’, a special issue of The Journal of Design History (vol. 19, no. 4, 2006) developed out of the strand ‘Telling Stories: Oral History And Material Culture’. See Another example is this volume of Working Papers on Design. The articles selected for inclusion have been subjected to double-blind peer review (with the editorial board of reviewers only revealed upon publication).
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JournalWorking Papers on Design
Publication statusPublished - 2007


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