Small Connecting Part

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The International 3 is pleased to announce Small connecting part, the first solo show by emerging artist Hannah Dargavel–Leafe. This, the second exhibition in our new temporary location, comprises new and existing works that reveal the artist’s core interest in the rhythms and structures of the city and in particular their sites of flux. Hannah’s practice is research-led and her investigations are realised using a range of media including sound, drawing, sculpture and installation.

Emblematic of a city in transition and a symbol of renewal, the repeated image of a crane finds print and sculptural form within the artist’s work. Against a backdrop provided by the risograph print, ‘Crane Motif Wallpaper‘, concrete and steel structures of varying size give platform to a series of 3D printed crane-like sculptures. Unlike their real-life counterparts however, the structures in ‘Crane Motifs (performance)’, do not conform entirely to a recognised design or behaviour. These modified structures bend around corners, teeter on edges and lay horizontal on their supporting surface and together connote a pared back city-scape of the future.

Rather than the future however, the piece, ‘All the keys to all the locks of a demolished building’, provides a document of the past. Taking the form of a plaque-like steel structure with laser engraved text, the artist, as the title suggests, has transcribed the labels from a demolished building’s discarded keys. Mundane, (School kitchen), intriguing, (Mauritius) and disconcerting in equal measure, (Oce next to toilet deathrow) , the work provides a poetic memorial to a unknown building and a cipher for a city in flux.
Original languageEnglish
Publication statusPublished - 28 Jun 2014


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