The AAO/UKST SuperCOSMOS Ha survey

Q.A. Parker, S. Phillipps, M.J. Pierce, M. Hartley, M. Read, H.T. MacGillivray, S.B. Tritton, C.P. Cass, R.D. Cannon, M. Cohen, J.E. Drew, D.J. Frew, E.C. Hopewell, S. Mader, D.F. Malin, M.R.W. Masheder, D.H. Morgan, R.A.H. Morris, D. Russeil, K.S. RussellR.N.F. Walker, N.C. Hambly

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    The UK Schmidt Telescope (UKST) of the Anglo-Australian Observatory completed a narrow-band H plus [NII] 6548, 6584°A survey of the Southern Galactic Plane and Magellanic Clouds in late 2003. The survey, which was the last UKST wide-field pho- tographic survey, and the only one undertaken in a narrow band, is now an on-line digital data product of the Wide-Field Astronomy Unit of the Royal Observatory Ed- inburgh (ROE). The survey utilised a high specification, monolithic H interference band-pass filter of exceptional quality. In conjunction with the fine grained Tech-Pan film as a detector it has produced a survey with a powerful combination of area cover- age (4000 square degrees), resolution (∼1 arcsecond) and sensitivity (≤5 Rayleighs), reaching a depth for continuum point sources of R ≃ 20.5. The main survey consists of 233 individual fields on a grid of centres separated by 4◦ at declinations below +2◦ and covers a swathe approximately 20◦ wide about the Southern Galactic Plane. The original survey films were scanned by the SuperCOSMOS measuring machine at the Royal Observatory, Edinburgh to provide the on-line digital atlas called the SuperCOSMOS H Survey (SHS).
    Original languageEnglish
    Pages (from-to)689-710
    JournalMonthly Notices of the Royal Astronomical Society
    Issue number2
    Publication statusPublished - 2005


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