“The Role of Vocational Training on Entrepreneurship Development”

Aderonke Agnes Oyeniyi, Oluseyi Adeyemi, Kayinsola Cole

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The study assessed the effectiveness of vocational training on entrepreneurship development in Nike Art and Gallery Osogbo, Osun State, South Western Nigeria. Data were collected from respondents that were randomly selected using questionnaire from 150 respondents in different departments at Nike Art Gallery. Both descriptive statistic and regression analysis were used in the process of data analysis. Results of the analysis reveals that: There is significant relationship among the socio–economic characteristics and type of skills acquired by the trainees, there is significant relationship between vocational skills utilization and entrepreneurship development and there is significant relationship between choice of skill and entrepreneurship development. The study also revealed that students kept recognizing entrepreneurship education as one of the key factors which determines one’s success in entrepreneurship. As a result of the findings of this study and conclusion drawn, it is recommended that; Institutions should now establish entrepreneurship courses as a core course for every academic program that they offer be it a certificate, a diploma or a degree. This will enable most graduates to engage themselves in self employment rather than to keep on searching for paid jobs.
Original languageEnglish
Article number1
Pages (from-to)266-279
Number of pages14
JournalPacific Journal of Science and Technology (PJST)
Issue number1
Publication statusPublished - 5 May 2019


  • Entrepreneurship development,
  • Vocation
  • Education
  • Nigeria


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