The Steven Sinnott Foundation KEEP+ Knowledge Exchange Partnership: The Final Report

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The Final Report captures activity and results at the end of a KEEP+ Knowledge Exchange Partnership between The Steven Sinnott Foundation and the Hertfordshire Business School.The project delivered a new business model through the Storytelling consultancy project. This includes recommendations for diversifying income streams and generating future funding. The recommendations cover implementation at both a School-level and business level. Furthermore, the recommendations are based on a current market gap that exists whilst tying in with the type of sessions the SSF have run in the past. This is new to the firm and work is ongoing to embed and leverage the results of those findings to deliver financial sustainability for the charity. The University will continue to work with the Foundation to embed this business model. The Storytelling consultancy focused on two target audiences - schools and corporate. The organisation delivered 1 workshop to schools and 1 workshop to a community group. Based on the outcomes of these workshops we were able to design workshops suitable for corporate sector. Through continual collaboration with the Hertfordshire Business School, we are aiming for full implementation of these workshops across 2020. Another aspect of the project was to review and redesign the organisation’s MarCom strategy. In implementing this aspect we focused on the organisation’s Social Media and their Engage magazine. Furthermore, a complete review of social media has been undertaken, the report was delivered to the board, and the recommendations accepted. The new Social Media strategy is now being incorporated into the Foundation’s strategy. Following recommendations from the project the Foundation will be redesigning their Engage magazine and attempt to implement the storytelling project in a way that enables income generation. The magazine will be redesigned to focus more on content created by the Foundation itself. Following research and best practices they will also sell advertising on the magazine to increase income generation through this stream.
Original languageEnglish
Number of pages15
Publication statusPublished - 2020


  • KEEP+
  • storytelling
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