Towards the Amplituhedron Volume

Livia Ferro, Tomasz Lukowski, Andrea Orta, Matteo Parisi

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It has been recently conjectured that scattering amplitudes in planar N=4 super Yang-Mills are given by the volume of the (dual) amplituhedron. In this paper we show some interesting connections between the tree-level amplituhedron and a special class of differential equations. In particular we demonstrate how the amplituhedron volume for NMHV amplitudes is determined by these differential equations. The new formulation allows for a straightforward geometric description, without any reference to triangulations. Finally we discuss possible implications for volumes related to generic N^kMHV amplitudes.
Original languageEnglish
JournalJournal of High Energy Physics (JHEP)
Publication statusPublished - 3 Mar 2016


  • hep-th


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