Upside Down World

Marty St.James

Research output: Other contribution

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Upside Down World: a video art work with music by New York based composer Julia Wolfe, performed by Bang On a Can All Stars. This ecological driven video art work is based on the notion that there are many ways to see the world and locate our environment. Filmed quite literally upside down travelling through the French countryside the work aims to displace received visual values with new positions for visual comprehension. The intention is build a visual metaphor combined with displaced sound to indicate how things can look if we reposition ourselves for just a short space and time. Duration: 4mins 20secs/ Format: Digital video/ Colour/ Music: Composer Julia Wolfe, performed by Bang On a Can All Stars/ Filmed and edited by Marty St James/ Shot: On Location in France/ Edited: London/ A MYART CROSS-REALITY 'ELECTRONIC SUPERHIGHWAY'
Original languageEnglish
Publication statusPublished - 2009


  • Video Art
  • Video Portrait
  • Streaming
  • Art and Environment


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