Will IMP Save The World? Reflections on the role of networks in sustainable marketing

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Purpose of the paper and literature addressed – This paper is a conceptual paper that builds on Ryan et al (2008) proposition that the IMP perspective supports the creation of a Sustainable Marketing framework. The author raises concerns over the suitability of a firm-centric perspective for Sustainable Marketing and the reliability of networks to deliver environmentally beneficial innovation. The paper suggests that government intervention, in the form of regulation, taxation and incentives, and contribution from “think tanks” that own the necessary knowledge are essential to guide the learning of networks towards sustainable business practices. We suggest that a special form of network, called innovation network, needs to be involved in this process of knowledge creation.
Main contribution – This paper aims to extend the theoretical discourse initiated by Ryan et al (2008). It is the author’s intention to further investigate how the IMP current of thought can be applied to Sustainable Marketing, and with what adaptation. This is thought to be an important contribution as it aims at informing changes in marketing theory and suggests directions for the design of a new theoretical framework for Sustainable Marketing.
Original languageEnglish
Number of pages9
Publication statusPublished - 2009
Event25th IMP Conference - Marseilles, France
Duration: 3 Sept 20095 Sept 2009


Conference25th IMP Conference


  • Innovation networks
  • interaction and networks
  • Knowledge Transfer
  • Sustainable Marketing


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