Worn Biodetector Phase 2 (WBD P2) is concerned with the design and development of an integrated system capable of automated use combining the functionality of the separate WBD Phase 1 man worn electrostatic precipitation (ESP) collector and laboratory electro-wetting on dielectric (EWOD) particle recovery system.

This report outlines the system development and testing programme conducted by the University of Hertfordshire MMRG group towards the completion of the Dstl contract in regards with fulfilment of the SoR.

First, the initial testing and design decision leading to the pre-build design version of the combined instrument are presented. Then, the development milestones and initial build decision leading to the final version of the instrument are detailed. The final electro-mechanical platform is described in a following section. The final version of the ESP is tested against ozone generation before the combined system reliability being assessed. Finally, in three following section, the proof-of-principle of a combined ESP-EWOD-LFA end-to-end detector is discussed based on the performance evaluation of the individual units working concurrently.
Original languageEnglish
Number of pages162
Publication statusPublished - 31 Jul 2019


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