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Fully integrated digital microfluidics bioassay platform

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Loic Coudron - Speaker

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Since the first demonstration in 2008 of magnetic separation of antigen using electrowetting on a digital microfluidics (DMF) system [1], there have been a relatively small number of DMF platform to be dedicated to immunoassay [2]. The majority of those DMF immunoassay platforms operate with oil as a filler fluid and only one fully-integrated system in air has been reported [3]. Here, we present, operating in air, a versatile, fully automated chemiluminescent immunoassay on a fully integrated DMF platform with a two-step antibody/enzyme conjugate detection process. The final design of the platform integrates all the essential elements required to perform the elementary operation of a chemiluminescent bio-assay, namely: the immuno-capture of targeted antigen using magnetic micro-beads, the manipulation and the transportation, in air, of biological suspension in droplets and the photodetection of chemiluminescent reaction.
Rapid automated detection of low concentrations of two different biological targets in 3 µl droplet samples has been demonstrated using the DMF platform. Protein samples of chicken albumin at a concentration of 10 ng/ml can be detected in 10 minutes and automated detection of samples containing the bacterial spore Bacillus atrophaeus (BG) at a concentration of 10^5 cfu/ml can be achieved in less than 20 minutes. Despite the very promising results, improvements aiming in reducing both the processing time and the limit of detection are already underway.
22 Jun 2016

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Title10th international meeting on Electrowetting
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