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David Turner - Speaker

Quote in title is from Julie Checkoway’s The Three Year Swim Club (2016, p.346).

This is the ultimate inspiring against the odds story of coaching success.

Soichi Sakamoto a Japanese-American primary school teacher revolutionised swim coaching, and made unlikely dreams come true.

In this presentation I will use an oral storytelling tradition – a universal communication tool, especially strong in the culture of Hawaii, where much of this story is set.

And I will employ a dual coding theory approach – the use of words and images interrelated together to aid the learning process.

This is a stripped back version of Learning From Legendary Coaches, with little to no use of written content and video (less death by PowerPoint, more a rebirth of it?).

It will feature guiding reflective questions, links to Viktor Frankl’s notion of the Will to Meaning, the concept of holistic coaching, and Paul Wong’s ideas around Transcendence, to help make sense of Sakamoto’s remarkable coaching life.
11 Dec 2019

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