University of Hertfordshire

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The Research Centre in Topical Drug Delivery and Toxicology (TDDT), led by Dr William McAuley, is an internationally renowned Centre of Excellence in the field of the development of in ex corporem models for the study of xenobiotic sorption with 2 main areas of application:

  • developing and/or refinement of topical and transdermal formulations and
  • reducing the risk of CBRN (chemical, biological, radiological and nuclear) exposure through emergency response procedures.

Research themes being developed include:

  • topical formulations with a lower risk of systemic toxicity especially for paediatrics and the elderly
  • development of mucosal drug delivery systems
  • evaluating the application of pupilometry for the diagnosis of acute head injury or chronic diseases
  • the development of sebomics for non-invasive diagnostics, forensic and environmental biomonitoring, and
  • the development of microsampling science for high-sensitivity bioanalysis to determine drug and CBRN exposure in various matrices.



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