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Our vision is to identify and facilitate value creation between enterprises (including social ventures) and their customers.

In the Enterprise and Value research group at the Hertfordshire Business School, we use multi-disciplinary approaches to understand how value is (co-)created, where and how it is captured, used, and re-configured, in a number of different contexts. We also use conceptual frameworks and new methodological approaches to examine financial leverage, systems and sustainability. Our research also covers other areas where value can be examined such as accounting and finance.

We produce internationally excellent research by bringing together academics from areas with a broad interest in the value proposition including:

  • Marketing and Enterprise
  • Business Value and Analytics
  • The Visitor Economy (which includes contributions from Tourism, Hospitality and Event Management - THEM)

In Marketing and Enterprise, we consider the value creation process in a number of organizational contexts, including business to business, business to consumer, government and social ventures.

In Business Value and Analytics, we focus on financial perspectives of value, and through business analytics provide insights to help optimize value streams.

We consider the basic essence of the Visitor Economy to be value creation between businesses and consumers in leisure settings.



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