University of Hertfordshire

  1. HPFT Collaboration

    Wellsted, D. & Wyatt, S.

    Project: Research

  2. LD + Frailty

    Wellsted, D., Eriolu, A., Mullin, L. & Mengoni, S.

    Project: Research

  3. Southampton Covid Participatory Action Research and Champions initiative Evaluation (CoPACT)

    Howlett, N., Bontoft, C., Lloyd, N., Freethy, I., Newby, K., Fakoya, O., Wellings, A., Jones, J., Smeeton, N., Wellsted, D., Bartington, S., Breslow, G., Wagner, A., Miners, L. & Brown, K.


    Project: Research

  4. WSA: Whole Systems Approach to Diet and Healthy Weight

    Brown, K., Wills, W., Freethy, I., Smeeton, N., Howlett, N., Newby, K., Wellsted, D., Jones, J., Lloyd, N., Bontoft, C., Garcia Iglesias, J., Breslin, G., Bartington, S., Wagner, A. & Wellings, A.

    £1,000,000.00, NIHR - Department for Health and Social Care (DHSC)


    Project: Research

  5. CGA: CGA funding

    Hawkins, J., Farrington, K. & Wellsted, D.


    Project: Research

  6. PHRADA: Public Health Research Applications and Design Assistance

    Munro Wild, H.


    Project: Consultancy

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