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  • Dust polarized emission observations of NGC 6334: BISTRO reveals the details of the complex but organized magnetic field structure of the high-mass star-forming hub-filament network

    BISTRO, Arzoumanian, D., Furuya, R., Hasegawa, T., Tahani, M., Sadavoy, S., Hull, C. L. H., Johnstone, D., Koch, P. M., Inutsuka, S. ., Doi, Y., Hoang, T., Onaka, T., Iwasaki, K., Shimajiri, Y., Inoue, T., Peretto, N., André, P., Bastien, P., Berry, D. & 31 others, Chen, H. -R. V., Francesco, J. D., Eswaraiah, C., Fanciullo, L., Fissel, L. M., Hwang, J., Kang, J. ., Kim, G., Kim, K. -T., Kirchschlager, F., Kwon, W., Liu, H. -L., Lyo, A. -R., Pattle, K., Soam, A., Tang, X., Whitworth, A., Ching, T. -C., Coudé, S., Ward-Thompson, D., Lai, S. -P., Qiu, K., Bourke, T. L., Byun, D. -Y., Chen, M., Chen, Z., Cho, J., Choi, Y., Chrysostomou, A., Gledhill, T. & Parsons, H., 11 Mar 2021, (E-pub ahead of print) In: Astronomy & Astrophysics. 647, 29 p., A78.

    Research output: Contribution to journalArticlepeer-review

  • Revealing the diverse magnetic field morphologies in Taurus dense cores with sensitive sub-millimeter polarimetry

    BISTRO, Eswaraiah, C., Li, D., Furuya, R. S., Hasegawa, T., Ward-Thompson, D., Qiu, K., Ohashi, N., Pattle, K., Sadavoy, S., Hull, C. L. H., Berry, D., Doi, Y., Ching, T-C., Lai, S-P., Wang, J-W., Koch, P. M., Kwon, J., Kwon, W., Bastien, P. & 31 others, Arzoumanian, D., Coudé, S., Soam, A., Fanciullo, L., Yen, H-W., Liu, J., Hoang, T., Chen, W. P., Shimajiri, Y., Liu, T., Chen, Z., Li, H., Lyo, A-R., Hwang, J., Johnstone, D., Rao, R., Ngoc, N. B., Diep, P. N., Mairs, S., Parsons, H., Tamura, M., Tahani, M., Chen, H-R. V., Nakamura, F., Shinnaga, H., Tang, Y-W., Cho, J., Lee, C. W., Inutsuka, S., Chrysostomou, A. & Gledhill, T., 4 Mar 2021, (Accepted/In press) In: Astrophysical Journal Letters.

    Research output: Contribution to journalArticlepeer-review

  • Observations of magnetic fields surrounding LkHa 101 taken by the BISTRO survey with JCMT-POL-2

    BISTRO, Ngoc, N. B., Diep, P. N., Parsons, H., Pattle, K., Hoang, T., Ward-Thompson, D., Tram, L. N., Hull, C. L. H., Tahani, M., Furuya, R., Bastien, P., Qiu, K., Hasegawa, T., Kwon, W., Doi, Y., Lai, S-P., Coude, S., Berry, D., Ching, T-C. & 31 others, Hwang, J., Soam, A., Wang, J-W., Arzoumanian, D., Bourke, T. L., Byun, D-Y., Chen, H-R. V., Chen, Z., Chen, W. P., Chen, M., Cho, J., Choi, Y., Choi, M., Chrysostomou, A., Chung, E. J., Dai, S., Francesco, J. D., Duan, Y., Duan, H-Y., Eden, D., Eswaraiah, C., Fanciullo, L., Fiege, J., Fissel, L. M., Franzmann, E., Friberg, P., Friesen, R., Fuller, G., Gledhill, T., Graves, S. & Greaves, J., 10 Feb 2021, In: The Astrophysical Journal. 908, 10, 20 p.

    Research output: Contribution to journalArticlepeer-review

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