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Dr Alana Jelinek

Alana Jelinek

Dr Alana Jelinek

Postal address:
University of Hertfordshire, Hatfield, Hertfordshire
United Kingdom


Research interests

Art as a Knowledge-forming Discipline   |   History of Colonialism |   History and Theory of Modern & Contemporary Art   |   Philosophy-Aesthetics   |   Museums Practice and Curating   |   Ethnography- Anthropology   |   The impact of Neoliberalism on Art and Museums   |   Indigenous Representation and Politics   |   Ecology: both the science and the politics



The monograph I am currently working on is called 'Between Discipline and a Hard Place' (Bloomsbury), in which I argue that artists and artists alone should define art - not audiences, critics, historians, governments or the market.

I also argue that art produces knowledge akin to any other knowledge-forming discipline -  that art IS a discipline - and that art is not simply the equivalent of creativity. Because art is a discipline art practice requires education (albeit not necessarily a university education).


In addition to writing theory as an artist, I also conduct research through my art practice.
One area I investigated is the question of repatriation and belonging of both people and things.
Another is the colonial entanglements of West Papua, which is currently occupied - brutally - by Indonesia and formerly by the Dutch.
And the history Fiji, myths of cannibalism, and particularly the perpetuation of 'cannibal myths' through ethnographic artefacts, such as the Fijian 'cannibal fork'.

My PhD was in art as a democratic act, so I guess I should mention that here as well...