University of Hertfordshire

Mrs Alison Cain


Teaching specialisms

Sociology of sport; Sports management; Dissertation guidance

Research interests

Environmental impacts of sports; Commercialisation and mediatisation of sports;  Stereotyping and inequalities in sport; Deviance in sport.

Current research: Interpretation, implementation and impacts of the IOC’s environmental sustainability agenda.

Current supervision:

PhD: Developing a grounded theory of reflection

I have the following successful supervisory completions:

PhD: A Body Compassion intervention to improve body image and the motivation to engage in physical activity in adolescents and young adults

MSc by Research: A Cross-Cultural Comparison of Stereotypes and Gender Issues in Cheerleading in the USA and UK

MSc by Research: Sport and subjective wellbeing

MSc by Research: The educative role of sport for black youths in inner London