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Dr Daksha Trivedi B.Sc Hons, M.Sc, Ph.D (Lon), M.Phil, Cantab

Daksha Trivedi

Dr Daksha Trivedi B.Sc Hons, M.Sc, Ph.D (Lon), M.Phil, Cantab

Postal address:
University of Hertfordshire, Hatfield, Hertfordshire
United Kingdom


Dr Daksha Trivedi trained as a scientist and obtained her Ph.D (King’s College, London) and M.Sc, Faculty of Medicine, University of London and an M. Phil in Epidemiology at the University of Cambridge.  She has an interest and expertise in Mixed Methods, Clinical Trials and Evidence Based Practice. She has led and conducted clinical trials and led the Clinical Trials Design and Management module for Masters in Clinical Research. Daksha has led systematic reviews using mixed methods of both quantitative and qualitative literature ommissioned by the National Institute for Clinical Excellence and the National Institute for Health Research (NIHR). She is an editor for the Cochrane Library, Associate Editor for Primary Health Care Research & Development, member of the Cochrane Nursing Care Research Network and member of the NIHR Research for Patient Benefit Regional Advisory Committee.  She supervises students on the Professional Doctorate in Health Research. She is a peer reviewer for Cochrane reviews Injuries Group, NIHR funding bodies, and journals. She has led NIHR funded projects (see Research interests, outputs and activities). Dr Trivedi is currently leading a major randomised controlled trial of energetic activity for depression in young people (READY Trial) funded by the NIHR, Health Technology Assessment.


Quantitative methods, epidemiology, cross-sectional and cohort studies, evaluation of complex interventions (physical activity and behaviour change),  clinical trials (Vitamin D trial for prevention of osteoporosis in older people; NIHR funded erectile dysfunction and statins trial; READY Trial of exercise and depression in young people), critical apparaisal of randomised controlled trials

Evidence synthesis: Research methods for qualitative and quantitative reviews, mixed methods, integrated review methodologies

Research expertise: Quantitative and qualitative designs, clinicla trials and complex interventions, integrated with process evaluations and qualitative methods   

Evidence synthesis and systematic reviews of both quantitative and qualitative research:

  • Physical activity interventions and behaviour change techniques
  • Managing depression in South Asians (Qualitative)
  • Management of Behavioural and Psychological symptoms in Dementia in community dwelling older people
  • Realist synthesis - Managing diabetes in people with dementia 
  • Prevention of childhood obesity
  • Nutritional interventions in community dwelling older people
  • Cochrane review - dietary fat and gall stone disease 
  • Systematic review of reviews and mapping of evidence for the prevention of teenage pregnancy (commissioned by the National Institute for Clinical Excellence NICE)
  • Systematic review for the prevention of sexually transmitted infections and under 18 conceptions (NICE)
  • An integrated review of reviews on the nursing contribution to chronic disease management (commissioned by the National Institute for Health Research, Service Delivery Organisation NIHR SDO)
  • Systematic review on the effectiveness of inter professional team working for community dwelling older people (funded by the NIHR SDO)
  • Cochrane reviews for Cochrane Injuries Group (Colloids for fluid resuscitation)
  •  Cochrane Nursing Care Network – Evidence transfer programme (summaries of Cochrane nursing reviews)



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