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Dr Finlay Malcolm

Finlay Malcolm

Dr Finlay Malcolm

Postal address:
University of Hertfordshire, Hatfield, Hertfordshire
United Kingdom


Research interests

Research Background

My research is in three main areas: Social, Political and Religious Epistemology.

In Political Epistemology my research mainly centres on the obligations there are on voters to be knowledgeable, and on epistocracy - an alternative system of government where the knowledgeable rule. My work in Social Epistemology concerns the ways by which we share knowledge with each other through testimony, and what ethical problems can occur in the context of our testimonial practices. In Religious Epistemology, I am particularly focussed on questions concerning faith. I have written on the relationship between faith, belief and trust, on propositional and objectual forms of faith, on whether or not faith is a virtue, and on the different ways of giving epistemic evaluation to faith.

Current Research Project: Fundamentalist Belief

I am currently working on a project at the intersection of these three disciplines that explores the nature and epistemology of fundamentalist religious belief. This project defends a theory of fundamentalist belief that is inherently social, drawing on ideas from vice epistemology, theories of collective belief, and models of testimony.