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Professor Hulya Dagdeviren


Hulya Dagdeviren

Professor Hulya Dagdeviren


Postal address:
University of Hertfordshire, Hatfield, Hertfordshire
United Kingdom


Teaching specialisms


Lianne Oosterbaan, Land rights and food security in South India (with Dr Chamu Kuppuswamy and Dr Shahzavar Karimzadi)

Zachary Stevens, Paradigm change, authority contests and the Role of Media in explaining persistence of austerity during Great Recession (with Dr Francesca Gagliardi)

Nana Osei, Accounting for the factors that influence the success and the failure of microfinance in Ghana (with Dr Aarti Rughoo and Dr Shahzavar Karimzadi)

Debo Akande, Proppects for Agribusiness projects to alliviate rural poverty: The case of Nigeria (with Dr Judy Willets, 2014-continuing) 

Joshua Fakunle, Poverty Environment Nexus in Nigeria (with Dr Tassos Patokos and Dr Matthew Donoghue) Continuing.

Vivien Ojadi, Banking Consolidation in Nigeria (with Dr Georgios Katechos, 2014- Continuing)

Xiangbin Cheng, The dynamic relationships between public spending, economic growth and income inequality in China (with Dr Rudra Sensarma and Dr Francesca Gagliardi) Completed in 2015

Simon A. Robertson, Accounting for the divergence between privatisation theory and practice in developing countries: the case of the water sector in Ghana  (with Dr James Jenkins & Prof Geoff Hodgson). Completed 2011

Jian Lu Shang, Competitiveness of the Chinese Banking Sector in the Context of China's Membership of the WTO (with Dr Ya Ping Yin). Completed in 2009

Alexandre O. Salles, Contemporary Financial Globalisation in Historical Perspective (with Prof. Geoff Hodgson) Completed in 2007.



Commercial and public engagement




1) The International Policy Centre for Inclusive Growth (2008-2010)

Contractual  disputes in privatised utilities in Argentina 

Access to water in the slums of the developing world (with S. A. Robertson)


2) United Nations Development Programme (2002-2006)

Poverty and social impact of analysis

Privatisation and poverty reduction in the Asia Pacific (with Ben Fine)

Commercialisation of public services in Zambia: health, power, water & sanitation sectors

Macroeconomic policies for poverty reduction in Sudan: trade, industry and privatisation (with Gouda Abdel-Khalek et al.)

Macroeconomics of poverty reduction in Bangladesh: trade, industry and privatisation (with S. Osmani, W. Mahmud, B. Sen and A. Seth)


3) Department for International Development (2000)

South-North migration (with John Weeks)

The state of poverty in Mexico: The macro policy context (with John Weeks)


4) International Labour Office (1999-2000)

Redistribution, growth and poverty reduction (with John Weeks and Rolph van der Hoeven)