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Jim Geach



Jim Geach is a Royal Society University Research Fellow based in the Centre for Astrophysics Research, specialising in the field of galaxy formation and evolution. After gaining his Ph.D. from Durham University (2008), he held post-doctoral positions at Durham and McGill University in Montreal, where he held one of the first Banting Fellowships. His research focuses on the evolution of cold gas in galaxies, and the role of environment on galaxy evolution. Geach is regularly awarded observing time on major international telescopes, and he is one of the principle investigators of the VISTA-CFHT Stripe 82 Survey - one of the largest near-infrared extragalactic imaging surveys of its depth. As well as being involved in several major international collaborations, one of Geach's roles is as survey scientist for the revolutionary JCMT/SCUBA-2 Cosmology Legacy Survey.

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