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Dr Laura Hamilton

Dr Laura Hamilton

Postal address:
United Kingdom
Postal address:
University of Hertfordshire, Hatfield, Hertfordshire
United Kingdom


Dr Laura Hamilton is a Research Fellow in Food and Public Health at the Centre for Research in Public Health and Community Care (CRIPACC). Her qualifications include: BSc (Hons) Psychology; MSc Research Methods in Psychology; and PhD in Food and Family Income. Laura's doctoral research from UCL was linked to the multi-national ERC funded ‘Families and Food in Hard Times’ study. Her thesis is titled: 'The role of family income and other factors in understanding the food and eating practices of young people in the UK: A mixed methods approach'.

Although Laura has a psychology background, she uses a multi-disciplinary and mixed methods (e.g. quantitative, qualitative and visual methods) approach in her research, incorporating social theories of practice and behaviour change. Laura’s research primarily focuses on dietary and health inequalities, with an emphasis on food poverty and young people’s (11 – 16 years) food and eating practices. She is particularly interested in the ways income and poverty influence food and eating practices at home and at school, including on ‘sustainable diets’ and the impact of local and national school food policies, such as Free School Meals.

She also has an interest in the division of household labour and 'foodwork' within families, and society generally, in relation to mothers and women. This includes the ways in which public discourse scrutinises mothers for children's health and consumption, with particular relevance to the areas of food poverty and welfare benefit policy (e.g. Universal Credit).


Laura is available to supervise postgraduate or doctoral students pursuing quantitative, qualitative or mixed methods research, including visual methods, in the following (or similar) areas:

  • Dietary & Health Inequalities
  • Food & Eating Practices/Behaviours
  • Families, Young People & Children
  • Division of Labour & 'Foodwork' in Families
  • Family Income, Poverty & Food Poverty(Insecurity)
  • School Food & Free School Meals
  • Sustainable & Ethical Food Practices

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