University of Hertfordshire

Dr Muniyappa Manjunathaiah

Dr Muniyappa Manjunathaiah

Postal address:
University of Hertfordshire, Hatfield, Hertfordshire
United Kingdom


Dr. Manjunathaiah has a long standing track record in computer science, computational science, data science research and education from academic and research positions held at: Harvard,  Oxford, Manchester, Southampton, Reading, Hertfordshire; from collaborating with leading international research groups (INRIA, IRISA, Colorado) in parallel and concurrent computation and exascale computing (ANL, NERSC);  and in research labs implementing novel parallel systems  in two leading formalisms in concurrency.

His current research interests  are  in  two revolutions in computation: Exascale and Artificial Intelligence to advance convergence computing in Exascale, AI and Big Data Science. Exascale computation  is an enabler of transformational science, enabling simulation, modelling and real-time analysis of complex natural and social phenomena at unprecedented scales. Combining foundations of exascale computing  with modern machine learning he studies novel computational principles, self-organising, spatial, neuromorphic, to investigate unifying computational principles of extreme scaling that arise in various contexts.

Dr. Manjunathaiah's interests are driven by a ‘curiosity’ of what is computable and the phenomena of computation itself. In particular he is interested in computation as a modelling means to answer the fundamental question: 'does nature behave in this way' ?


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