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Dr Na Helian


Dr. Na Helian has 20 years research experience around UK, Singapore, Japan and China in data mining, grid computing, data storage, etc. She has 47 journal papers (including ACM Publications, IEEE Transactions, etc) and 26 conference proceeding papers published in the above areas. Her research background on data storage contributed to the following research funding: EPSRC project (GR/S96487): Grid-Oriented Storage (GOS): Next Generation Data Storage System Architecture for the Grid Computing Era,£346,301, plus £381,930 by DTI (Department of Trade and Industry)/Xyratex. Dr. Helian was the first co-investigator of this grant.

Recently, Na Heian proposed a modern data space management system on cloud computing platforms, which enables cloud applications. This system will be developed as a web service to support cross operation system inter-operation, in which a user is able to mount n amount of file systems as a single logical drive.

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