University of Hertfordshire

Dr Pan Cao


Research interests

  • 5G mobile communications
  1. millimeter-wave communication
  2. green communications
  3. secure communications
  4. multi-antenna systems
  • Signal processing for radar and communications;
  1. antenna array signal processing
  2. target detection & imaging
  • Big data driven intelligent large scale wireless networks
  1. appliation of machine learning in wireless networks
  2. scheduling optimization in complicated large scale networks
  • Convex/non-convex optimization
  1. novel non-convex optimization algorithm design
  2. low rank constrainted optimization
  3. multi-objective optimization



  • 6ENT1014 - Satellite Terrestrial Communication Systems (@UH 2017/2018 Semester B)

  • 7ENT1050 - Broadband Networks And Data Communications (@UH 2017/2018 Semester B) 

  • 7ENT1054 - Digital Mobile Communication Systems (@UH 2018/2019 Semester A)



I'm currently looking for highly motivated PhD candidates who want to work with me.

Full PhD studentship is currently available to support UK/EU or international students.
Visiting scholars/students are also welcome and can be accepted all year around. 
Please drop me an email with your CV at anytime.

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