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Robert Godman

Mr Robert Godman


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University of Hertfordshire, Hatfield, Hertfordshire
United Kingdom


Rob Godman has been active as a composer involved in concert hall and installation art since the 1990's. His works have been commissioned by many of the worlds leading festivals including the St Magnus Festival, Orkney (Sir Peter Maxwell-Davies), Huddersfield Contemporary Music Festival and Bath International Festival.

Working as a composer, sound designer and programmer, Rob has a passionate interest in how sound behaves acoustically and has developed a number of techniques for controlling and building virtual spaces for use within live performance and installation. As well as creating generative, responsive and interactive installation audio works, he regularly performs live - focusing on a transparent relationship between technology, audience and performer.  Recent performances have included the Huddersfield Contemporary Music Festival 2013, Kings Place and Frome Festival 2014.  Rob is part of the collaborative team with Simeon Nelson and 2016 will see work starting on their new Wellcome Trust funded (£150k) project Cosmoscope for the 2017 Durham Lumiere and the 2018 London Lumiere.  They recently been awarded a commission by Modus Operandi (with funds provided by an anonomous donor) to create Hydrosiren - a mobile, floating and singing sculpture.  To be shown in October 2017, it will traverse its way up and down the Grand Union Canal, near Meanwhile Gardens, London.

Rob is involved in a series of projects with the clarinettist and producer Kate Romano (Guildhall School of Music and Drama).  These include a new realisation and performance of Poeme Electronique by Varese and a companion composition - Faraday Waves, for live sound projection and video (which images created in collaboration with Prof. Stephen Morris, Physics Department, University of Toronto and Sam Jury).  The project has recieved ACE, Britten Pears and RVW Trust funding (£37k) and will be premiered at the Cheltenham Festival 2016.  Faraday Waves has gone on to receive performances at the prestigious Art & Science Days Concerts, Concours Bourges, France June 2016 and the Diffrazioni Festival November 2016, S. Maria Novella, Florence, Italy.

For linear film, he has composed the sound for Kamila Kuc’s Batum, Uchronia No.1 and Noonwraith Blues; plus Sam Jury’s film To Be here (AHRC Research in Film Awards 2018) and This you must remember (2020/21). The Jury films include sound as hybridised music and sound design compositions, whereby environmental sounds (on-camera and field recordings) are used as structural musical devices. Many sounds were recorded on location in Abkazia (using native speakers), with other field recordings made in England and Wales during the Covid-19 lockdown period.

He has been invited to contribute a chapter to the 'Companion to the Reception of Vitruvius' (a project under contract with Brill and co-edited by Prof. Ingrid Rowland), the topic of the contribution being "Echeia" - a very early example of assisted resonance in Roman Theatres.

He has a long list of awards ranging from The Royal Philharmonic Society Prize for Composition to many ACE funded commissions.

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