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Shazia Akhtar


I was awarded my PhD at the University of Leeds investigating Metamemory in people with Mild Cognitive Impairment under the supervision of Professor Chris Moulin. After a short break, I began work as a postdoctoral researcher at City University of London, supervised by Professor Martin Conway and Professor Mark Howe investigating people’s earliest memories and priming false memories. I then worked as a senior research associate at Bradford University, under the supervision of Professor Catriona Morrison. I took up a lectureship in the department of Life and Medical Sciences at University of Hertfordshire in May 2019.

My main research interests centre on human memory, specializing in cognitive neuropsychology. My research interests fit broadly into three themes:

  • Priming false memories in older adults and people with Alzheimer’s disease.
  • Theoretical aspects of autobiographical memory including its cognitive and neurological structure;
  • Applications of memory research, in particular the interaction between memory and law encompassing false memory detection/prevention, memories of trauma, adult recollections of childhood events and juror decision making in relation to memory-based evidence;
  • Best practice in methods (qualitative and quantitative) and statistics in psychological research.

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