University of Hertfordshire

Assoc Prof Susan Parham



Research interests

Research interests include the urbanism of Garden Cities and New Towns; food and city design; urban morphology and renewal; design processes for remaking 'sprawl' urbanism toward more transport oriented development; and urban sustainability.


Associate Professor Parham recently published an in-depth research and policy paper, ‘Garden Cities – Visionary, Popular and Viable? as Paper 4 of the Garden City Perspectives Papers series which she established in 2016. Co-written with Anthony Downs and Gavin Murray, and illustrated by Pablo Fernandez, the paper was published in October 2018 by the International Garden Cities Institute.

Associate Professor Parham previously launched the first of the International Garden Cities Institute's Garden City Perspectives research and policy papers, co-written with Keith Boyfield on the topic 'Garden Cities - Why Not?' (July 14, 2016).

Associate Professor Parham recently spoke at the TCPA Edible Cities seminar (January 2019) on the topic of Garden Cities and Food – An Introduction, and is helping the TCPA to produce and Edible Cities food guide.

Associate Professor Parham presented a paper with Dr Matthew Hardy (co-written with Dr Stephane Sadoux) at the Wording Urban Diffusion Seminar at the School of Architecture Paris-Belleville in Paris in November 2018, on the topic ‘Repairing Suburbs - The socio-spatial dimension of the traditional urbanism discourse’.

In 2018 Associate Professor Parham contributed three peer-reviewed chapters to books dealing with aspects of food and urbanism: the Routledge Handbook of Food and Landscape and Agrourbanism dealing with peri-urban and rural food issues.

In 2017 Associate Professor Parham published La Garden City, une référence pour le requalification de la ville diffuse co-wrote with Sadoux, S., Novarina, G., Artis, A. & Ames, D., 2017, In : Inégalités Urbaines; Du Project Utopique au Dévelopment Durable. p. 195-212 17 p., 9.

In 2016 Associate Professor Parham published a chapter "Shrinking Cities and Food: Place-making for Sustainable Renewal, Reuse and Retrofit' in the book Future Directions for the European Shrinking City (Eds. Hans Schlappa and William Neill) in Routledge's RTPI Library series.

Associate Professor Parham published an article "What is a garden city – and why is money being spent on building them?" (January, 2016) for "The Conversation.

Teaching specialisms

Teaching specialisms include principles of urbanism; the urbanism of Garden Cities and New Towns; urban sprawl 'retrofitting'; urban design and conservation theory and practice; and the theory and practice of design focused stakeholder engagement.