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This project is in response to an NIHR HTA funding call "Physical exercise for depression in adolescents. 17/78". It proposes a multi-site randomised controlled trial (RCT) to address the research questions:
-Does physical exercise of a high or a low intensity compared with an active control (psychoeducation only without exercise) lead to improved depressive symptoms and adherence rates to exercise in adolescents with clinical depression?
- What is the cost-effectiveness of the exercise interventions compared to an active control?
The research will be conducted in 3 phases: a) feasibility phase (24 months), b) an internal pilot (14 months), c) full trial (34 months). The RCT will included nested process, qualitative and economic evaluations. The project will be led by the University of Hertfordshire and is a collaboration with the University of Bedfordshire, University of East Anglia, Mental Health Services and County Sports Partnerships.
Short titlePhysical Activity iNtervention for Depressed Adolescents

ID: 17702213