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Original languageEnglish
JournalBMC Musculoskeletal Disorders
Publication statusAccepted/In press - 13 Oct 2021


Background: Bone and Site Hold Tendon Inside (BASHTI) technique is an organic implant-less technique for anterior cruciate ligament (ACL) reconstruction with some clinical advantages, such as speeding up the healing process, over implantable techniques. The study aims to compare the mechanical properties of BASHTI technique with the conventional interference screw technique.
Methods: To investigate the mechanical properties, 20 in-vitro experimental tests were conducted. Synthetic dummy bone, along with fresh digital bovine tendons, as a graft, were used for experiments. Three loading steps were applied to all specimens, including a preconditioning, a main cyclic, and a pull-out loading.
Results: The mechanical characters of an interference screw technique using an 8 mm tendon diameter, including fixation strength, average cyclic stiffness (ACS), and average pull-out stiffness (APS) were found to be 439±132 N, 10.3±5.3 kN/mm, and 109±40 N/mm, respectively. In the case of an interference screw using a 9 mm tendon, the fixation strength, ACS, and APS are found to be 549±87 N, 10.3±4.7 kN/mm, and 91±13 N/mm, respectively. In parallel, the fixation strength, APS, and ACS of BASHTI technique using an 8 mm tendon were 360±123 N, 3.3±0.6 kN/mm, and 79±27 N/mm, respectively, while, for 9 mm tendon 278±103 N, 2.4±1.2 kN/mm, and 111±40 N/mm, were reported for fixation strength, APS, and ACS respectively when BASHTI technique was used.
Conclusion: About 50% of interference screw samples showed superior mechanical properties compared to BASHTI technique, but in another half of the samples, the differences were not significant (N.S.). However, due to organic advantages of BASHTI technique and lower cost, it could be used as a substitute for interference screw technique, especially where fast recovery is expected.

ID: 26364814