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disDance 11054.80 Liminalities [video and text]

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Original languageEnglish
JournalLiminalities: a journal of Performance Studies
Publication statusPublished - May 2014


The disDance project was the beginning of an enquiry-process in which some of the possibilities of working on networked, physically separated, interdisciplinary performance, incorporating interactive media, architecture and dance/performance/audio were investigated. disDance 11054.80 was prepared for the Remote Encounters International Conference and acts as the template for future collaborations using similar methodologies.
The piece was sited in two geographically separated locations; Cardiff, UK and Lasalle College of Arts, Singapore. At each site, dancers/performers were interacting with their colleagues at the other site through a novel networked messaging system designed specifically for live performance. Heidi Saarinen, who was the overall creative director, was based in Cardiff (where she was the performer) while Ian Willcock (the developer of the LIMPT system) coordinated from Singapore.
The title disDance 11054.80 relates to the collaborative aspect between disparate disciplines and refers to the multi-location aspect as well as holding a factual reference to the distance in kilometers between the two locations involved in the project; Cardiff and Singapore (11054.80 km).


A special issue based on a selection of papers and performances at 'Remote Encounters: Connecting bodies, collapsing spaces and temporal ubiquity in networked performance, a two-day international conference' (11th - 12th of April 2013) exploring the use of networks as a means to enhance or create a wide variety of performance arts


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