University of Hertfordshire

  • W. J. He
  • Marc Brown
  • Gary P. Martin
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Original languageEnglish
Pages (from-to)13
Number of pages1
JournalJournal of Pharmacy and Pharmacology
Publication statusPublished - Sep 2004


Hyaluronan (HA) is a naturally occurring polyanionic glycosaminoglycan.
Drugs formulated in HA and applied topically are retained in the skin with
little systemic absorption (Brown et al 2000, 2001). However, the precise
mechanism of action of HA that facilitates drug delivery and promotes drug
localization remain unclear. In this study we investigated the in-vitro release
characteristics of two NSAID drugs, ibuprofen (IBF) and diclofenac sodium
(DFS), incorporated into vehicles containing four different molecular weight
(MW) grades and different concentrations of HA across cellulose membrane


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