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Original languageEnglish
Publication statusPublished - May 2014
Event4th International Conference on Prospective Memory - Naples, Italy
Duration: 26 May 201430 May 2014


Conference4th International Conference on Prospective Memory


The cognitive impairments that accompany Parkinson’s disease (PD) are currently under-researched, perhaps due to the more overt physical impairments associated with the illness. However, some studies have provided evidence of deficits in various memory functions in people with PD. Although these studies have provided valuable insight into the memory ability of people with PD, the vast majority have used laboratory-based experiments that are unable to reveal how these memory impairments manifest in, and affect, the everyday lives of these patients. The consequences of failures in everyday memory can range from minor annoyances to more severe circumstances such as forgetting to take medication or endangerment to self or others. We have conducted telephone-based cognitive tests (COGTEL; TICS-M), a battery of self-report questionnaires, and 28-day diaries of everyday memory errors. Results will compare the number of errors committed in PD patients (N=18 (3 male), 47-75 years old, mean age = 60.8y, mean years in education 14.4y, Hoehn and Yahr scale >= 1) compared with age-matched healthy adults (N=16 (3 male), 41-78 years old, mean age = 60.1y, mean years in education 15.0y). In addition, all participants complete a laboratory-based prospective memory task, as part of the COGTEL. We will gain insight into the frequency and types of everyday memory failures in those with PD and also look at the degree to which self-reported and validated cognitive measures correlate.

ID: 7112603