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Original languageEnglish
JournalU.P.B. Science Bulletin
VolumeSeries C, Vol. 78
Publication statusPublished - 2016


This paper presents the design of a fuzzy controller for a three-phase shunt active filter integrated in wind-diesel power system equipped with a wind turbine driving an induction generator. The goal for this controller is to maintain a good power quality under varying wind and load conditions. On the other hand, the controller should show acceptable closed-loop performance including stability and robustness. Active power filters as solutions to power quality problems have become more and more important nowadays. The modeling of the wind-diesel standalone system with control algorithm of the shunt active power filter (SAPF) to compensate the current harmonics and the power factor of nonlinear load is considered. A threephase voltage source bridge inverter with a DC bus capacitor is used as an active filter.


Mohamed AbdeldjabbarKouadria, TayebAllaoui, and Mouloud Denai, “Fuzzy Control of a Three-Phase Shunt Active Filter for Harmonic Current Compensation in Wind-Diesel Standalone System”, U.P.B. Sci. Bull., Series C, Vol. 78 (4), 2016.

ID: 11149586