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Integral measurement of the 12C(n, p)12B reaction up to 10 GeV

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  • P. Žugec
  • N. Colonna
  • D. Bosnar
  • A. Ventura
  • A. Mengoni
  • S. Altstadt
  • J. Andrzejewski
  • L. Audouin
  • M. Barbagallo
  • V. Bécares
  • F. Bečvář
  • F. Belloni
  • E. Berthoumieux
  • J. Billowes
  • V. Boccone
  • M. Brugger
  • M. Calviani
  • F. Calviño
  • D. Cano-Ott
  • C. Carrapiço
  • F. Cerutti
  • E. Chiaveri
  • M. Chin
  • G. Cortés
  • M. A. Cortés-Giraldo
  • L. Cosentino
  • M. Diakaki
  • C. Domingo-Pardo
  • R. Dressler
  • I. Duran
  • C. Eleftheriadis
  • A. Ferrari
  • P. Finocchiaro
  • K. Fraval
  • S. Ganesan
  • A. R. García
  • G. Giubrone
  • M. B. Gómez-Hornillos
  • I. F. Gonçalves
  • E. González-Romero
  • E. Griesmayer
  • C. Guerrero
  • F. Gunsing
  • P. Gurusamy
  • S. Heinitz
  • D. G. Jenkins
  • E. Jericha
  • F. Käppeler
  • D. Karadimos
  • N. Kivel
  • M. Kokkoris
  • M. Krtička
  • J. Kroll
  • C. Langer
  • C. Lederer
  • H. Leeb
  • L. S. Leong
  • S. Lo Meo
  • R. Losito
  • A. Manousos
  • J. Marganiec
  • T. Martínez
  • C. Massimi
  • P. Mastinu
  • M. Mastromarco
  • E. Mendoza
  • P. M. Milazzo
  • F. Mingrone
  • M. Mirea
  • W. Mondalaers
  • A. Musumarra
  • C. Paradela
  • A. Pavlik
  • J. Perkowski
  • A. Plompen
  • J. Praena
  • J. Quesada
  • R. Reifarth
  • A. Riego
  • F. Roman
  • C. Rubbia
  • R. Sarmento
  • A. Saxena
  • P. Schillebeeckx
  • S. Schmidt
  • D. Schumann
  • G. Tagliente
  • J. L. Tain
  • D. Tarrío
  • L. Tassan-Got
  • A. Tsinganis
  • S. Valenta
  • G. Vannini
  • V. Variale
  • P. Vaz
  • R. Versaci
  • M. J. Vermeulen
  • V. Vlachoudis
  • R. Vlastou
  • A. Wallner
  • T. Ware
  • M. Weigand
  • C. Weiß
  • T. Wright
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Original languageEnglish
Article number101
JournalEuropean Physical Journal A: Hadrons and Nuclei
Publication statusPublished - 22 Apr 2016


The integral measurement of the 12C(n, p)12B reaction was performed at the neutron time-of-flight facility n_TOF at CERN. The total number of 12B nuclei produced per neutron pulse of the n_TOF beam was determined using the activation technique in combination with a time-of-flight technique. The cross section is integrated over the n_TOF neutron energy spectrum from reaction threshold at 13.6MeV to 10GeV. Having been measured up to 1GeV on basis of the 235U(n, f) reaction, the neutron energy spectrum above 200MeV has been re-evaluated due to the recent extension of the cross section reference for this particular reaction, which is otherwise considered a standard up to 200MeV. The results from the dedicated GEANT4 simulations have been used to evaluate the neutron flux from 1GeV up to 10GeV. The experimental results related to the 12C(n, p)12B reaction are compared with the evaluated cross sections from major libraries and with the predictions of different GEANT4 models, which mostly underestimate the 12B production. On the contrary, a good reproduction of the integral cross section derived from measurements is obtained with TALYS-1.6 calculations, with optimized parameters.


This article has been accepted for publication in The European Physical Journal A following peer review. Under embargo. Embargo end date: 22 April 2017. The version of record, P. Zugec, et al., ‘Integral measurement of the 12C(n, p)12B reaction up to 10 GeV’, The European Physical Journal A, Vol 52:101, first published online April 22, 2016, is available online via doi: Published by Springer. © 2016. This manuscript version is made available under the CC-BY-NC license.

ID: 10180028