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Local Community Events as ‘Balance Leisure Activities’ – Creating and Enhancing Family Well-being

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Original languageEnglish
Title of host publicationFamily events: Practices, intimacies and displays
EditorsThomas Fletcher
Publication statusSubmitted - 2 Jun 2020


Attending community events as a family holds great potential to foster bonding, belonging, happiness, memories, and enhances the family’s quality-of-life (QOL) over time (Jepson & Stadler, 2017; Stadler & Jepson, 2017; Jepson, Stadler, and Spencer, 2019). This chapter explores local community events as Balance leisure activities (Iso-Ahola, 1984) to determine their ability to socialise the family, enable bonding and create well-being. It is suggested that attending a community event as a family enhances connections and relationships within the family as well as attachment to the family’s local community. This in turn positively impacts upon the family’s physical, emotional and social well-being in the long-run. Our chapter firstly provides an overview of the literature in relation to understanding the need for ‘Quality Family Time’. We then provide a review of literature in respect of family Core and Balance leisure activities. Secondly, our chapter discusses the research methods applied within this study. We then go on to present our findings using physical, emotional and social well-being as family QOL indicators, and present examples from focus group discussions of how families use Core leisure activities to strengthen the family unit and Balance leisure activities (events, festivals) to create memorable event experiences for the family as a whole. In the final section, practical implications and recommendations for event organisers are provided.

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