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  • R. T. Güray
  • N. Özkan
  • C. Yalçln
  • T. Rauscher
  • Gy Gyürky
  • J. Farkas
  • Zs Fülöp
  • Z. Halász
  • E. Somorjai
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Original languageEnglish
Article number055809
Number of pages8
JournalPhysical Review C
Publication statusPublished - 29 May 2015


The total cross sections for the Gd152(p,γ)Tb153 and Gd152(p,n)152Tb reactions have been measured by the activation method at effective center-of-mass energies 3.47≤Ec.m.eff≤7.94 MeV and 4.96≤Ec.m.eff≤7.94 MeV, respectively. The targets were prepared by evaporation of 30.6% isotopically enriched Gd152 oxide on aluminum backing foils, and bombarded with proton beams provided by a cyclotron accelerator. The cross sections were deduced from the observed γ-ray activity, which was detected off-line by an HPGe detector in a low background environment. The results are presented and compared with predictions of statistical model calculations. This comparison supports a modified optical proton+Gd152 potential suggested earlier.

ID: 8688235