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  • Vitaly Voloshin
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Original languageEnglish
Awarding Institution
  • Brunel University London
  • Kaplunov, J., Supervisor, External person
  • Nolde, Evgeniya, Supervisor, External person
Thesis sponsors
  • Brunel University London
Award date28 Oct 2010
Publication statusUnpublished - 2010


The asymptotic behaviour of an elastically supported infinite string and an elastic isotropic half plane (in frames of specific asymptotic model) under a moving point load are studied. The main results of this work are uniform asymptotic formulae and the asymptotic profile for the string and the exact solution and uniform asymptotic formulae for a half plane. The crucial assumption for both structures is that the acceleration is sufficiently small. In order to describe asymptotically the oscillations of an infinite string auxiliary canonical functions are introduced, asymptotically analyzed and tabulated. Using these functions uniform asymptotic formulae for the string under constant accelerating and decelerating point loads are obtained. Approximate formulae for the displacement in the vicinity of the point load and the singularity area behind the shock wave using the steady speed asymptotic expansion with additional contributions from stationary points where appropriate are derived. It is shown how to generalise uniform asymptotic results to the arbitrary acceleration case. As an example these results are applied for the case of sinusoidal load speed. It is shown that the canonical functions can successfully be used in the arbitrary acceleration case as well. The graphical comparative analysis of numerical solu- tion and approximations is provided for different moving load speed intervals and values of the parameters. Vibrations of an elastic half plane are studied within the framework of the asymp- totic model suggested by J. Kaplunov et al. in 2006. Boundary conditions for the main problem are obtained as a solution for the problem of a string on the surface of a half plane subject to uniformly accelerated moving load. The exact solution over the interior of the half plane is derived with respect to boundary conditions. Steady speed and Rayleigh wave speed asymptotic expansions are obtained. In the neighborhood of the Rayleigh speed the uniform asymptotic formulae are derived. Some of their interesting properties are discovered and briefly studied. The graphical comparative analysis of the exact solution and approximations is provided for different moving load speed intervals and values of the parameters.

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ID: 531728