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On q-deformed symmetries as Poisson-Lie symmetries and application to Yang-Baxter type models

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  • Benoit Vicedo
  • Marc Magro
  • Francois Delduc
  • Sylvain Lacroix
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Original languageEnglish
Number of pages36
JournalJournal of Physics A: Mathematical and Theoretical
Publication statusPublished - 20 Sep 2016


Yang–Baxter type models are integrable deformations of integrable field theories, such as the principal chiral model on a Lie group G or σ-models on (semi-)symmetric spaces G/F. The deformation has the effect of breaking the global G-symmetry of the original model, replacing the associated set of conserved charges by ones whose Poisson brackets are those of the q-deformed Poisson–Hopf algebra Uq ( ) g . Working at the
Hamiltonian level, we show how this q-deformed Poisson algebra originates from a Poisson–Lie G-symmetry. The theory of Poisson–Lie groups and their actions on Poisson manifolds, in particular the formalism of the non-abelian moment map, is reviewed. For a coboundary Poisson–Lie group G, this non-abelian moment map must obey the Semenov-TianShansky bracket on the dual group G*, up to terms involving central quantities. When the latter vanish, we develop a general procedure linking this Poisson bracket to the defining relations of the Poisson–Hopf algebra
Uq ( ) g , including the q-Poisson–Serre relations. We consider reality conditions leading to q being either real or a phase. We determine the nonabelian moment map for Yang–Baxter type models. This enables to compute the corresponding action of G on the fields parametrising the phase space of these models.


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